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Jan. 10, 2019
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In an AMA session, the Head & Co-Founder of Circle, Jeremy Allaire, has said that bitcoin (BTC) will become much much larger and more broadly adopted.

Circle is a famous Goldman Sachs-backed fintech startup which purchased popular in the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex at the beginning of 2018. The startup also has its own stablecoin — USD Coin (USDC).

"So the short-answer is that we thing SOV assets like Bitcoin will become much much larger and more broadly adopted, and that other crypto assets will be used in an incredibly broad array of everyday transactions," Allaire wrote.

Moreover, Allaire says Circle expect "there to be millions of different crypto assets" like the internet of content and e-commerce.

Previously, back in December, Allaire said that bitcoin will be "worth a great deal more" in the foreseeable future.

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