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Jan. 8, 2019
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It is no news that the tech industry as a whole is consistently male-dominated. As so, the blockchain ecosystem is no different — even if we are talking about a decentralized technology, designed to reduce barriers for all around the world.

ICO Startups: Only 15% of Team Members are Women

However, things might change.

The Blockchain Learning Group program, the first to train high school girls with blockchain skills, may help close this gap. The program, currently underway in Canada and Australia, is working with several high schools to spread knowledge around the subject among girls.

Until now high school girl-students have been working with practical blockchain concepts, learning programming skills and design knowledge — and have already built a variety of apps on blockchains, from “participatory budgets” to the “tracking of fair trade products”.

The initiative looks promising and now the team behind it is planning to take it to other countries, involving more high schools and girl-students — bridging the gender gap in the blockchain ecosystem one step at a time.

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