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5 January
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Sooner or later Thailand may use blockchain tech for elections. According to the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, as soon as 5G technology is adopted, all voters will be connected to the blockchain-based election network, Bangkok Post states.

Chalee Vorakulpipat, Nectec exec of the cybersecurity lab, says the company is developing blockchain tech for e-voting that "can be applied to national, provincial or community elections."

Vorakulpipat states the main idea of implementing blockchain in election sphere is to reduce fraud and maintain data integrity.

However, Vorakulpipat admits that implementation of blockchain will require some time for the general election because "every voter needs to have an affordable mobile internet connection and identity verification."

Despite the fact that Thailand’s central bank banned all financial institutions from getting involved in cryptocurrency transactions for fear of possible problems from the unregulated trading, it’s quite optimistic regarding the blockchain future.

For instance, Thailand’s Revenue Department is developing its own blockchain-based system to track value-added tax (VAT) payments.

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