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Jan. 5, 2019
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Chief Executive at BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, believes humanity’s bifurcated monetary future "will be better than monopoly monetary past," according to his recent blog post.

BitMEX is a crypto trading platform which offers investors access to the global financial markets using bitcoin (BTC).

"And I say this even in the face of the various centralizing forces currently being marshalled: humanity’s bifurcated monetary future will be better than our monopoly monetary past, as some money becomes more convenient while other money becomes far more private," Hayes wrote in the blog.

In addition, Hayes mentioned bitcoin, calling it "society’s best hope for a private form of electronic money." The head of BitMEX also highlighted the level of security thanks to which the Bitcoin protocol has not been hacked for the last decade.

"Bitcoin is an amazing achievement of disparate private individuals working together towards a common goal," Hayes said.

However, back in December, Hayes claimed that bitcoin may continue to face the same level of volatility and the volume could fall further in 2019.

Earlier, BitMEX CEO said ethereum (ETH) will rebound up to $200 as soon as ICO market return. According to Hayes’ prediction, this will happen within the next 18 months.

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