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Jan. 3, 2019
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The biggest U.S. online retailer Overstock has announced it will become the very first U.S. company, which allows taxpayers to pay taxes in Ohio state in bitcoin, the official announcement states.

Overstock is an American e-commerce retailer, which is sell furniture, decor, and other home-related goods.

The announcement states taxpayers will have a chance to pay Overstock’s commercial activity taxes (CAT) using Ohio using the officially licensed platform,

The Founder & CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne says the company is "proud to partner with forward-thinking governments and officials like Ohio and Treasurer Mandel."

"We have long thought that thoughtful governmental adoption of emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies (when accompanied by non-restrictive legislation over these technologies) is the best way to ensure the U.S. does not lose our place at the forefront of the ever-advancing global economy," Byrne said.

Previously, Ohio has become the very first U.S. state to accept bitcoin as a payment method for taxes.

What is more important, is that earlier, Overstock CEO announced he would sell all of Overstock’s business and focus on blockchain & crypto-related spaces.

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