Dublin’s Tram System Has Been Hacked
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Jan. 3, 2019
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The website of Luas, Ireland’s capital tram system, has been down for some hours. It has been hacked and the unknown hackers want a ransom payment in the form of Bitcoin.

The threat: hackers declared they will release privileged data they have obtained if the payment of one Bitcoin does not arrive to their Bitcoin address in five days. One Bitcoin represents around $3,900 at press time.

It is not clear what kind of information the hackers may have — since the website is mainly informational. However, Luas recommended its users not to visit the compromised page. It has a team of technicians working on the issue right now.

According to Smarttech 247, an Irish cybersecurity firm, the ransom demand on Luas website could be the “first of many” this year.

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