Study: 1 in 7 Chinese Have Invested in Cryptocurrencies
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Dec. 31, 2018
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A survey carried out by PANews concluded that 14% of the Chinese have already invested in cryptocurrencies. The study inquired a sample of 4,200 Chinese citizens regarding their familiarity with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin — and achieved some curious findings.

  • 14% invested in cryptocurrencies (1 in 7 Chinese);
  • 70% (of those 14%) purchased their crypto through an exchange platform;
  • 98% implied knowledge concerning concepts like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin;
  • 95% declared awareness about the blockchain technology; and
  • 40% showed willingness to invest in cryptocurrencies in the future.

According to respondents, information on the subject was mainly achieved through “social media” (38%) or via “relatives and friends” (26%). In addition, more than half of the inquired considered cryptocurrencies an investment vehicle — more than a medium of exchange.

The study confirms that the Chinese are quite aware of the crypto ecosystem as a whole. More than the rest of the world?

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