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Dec. 31, 2018
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What a difference a year makes.

Around 12 months ago Bitcoin (Bitcoin) achieved its record high of $19,511 and right now, at press time, it is trading under $3,800 — and for most of December this year it has been under $4,000. What’s the main reason behind the fall?

“We got ahead of ourselves.”

Said Lou Kerner, founding partner of Crypto Oracle and crypto blogger, that recently shared with Bloomberg his prospects regarding BTC's next year. According to Kerner, Bitcoin’s impact has been overestimated in the short run and underestimated in the long run.

However, the crypto supporter is still greatly positive about the future. He shared that Bitcoin evolved today to a store of value and might be on the path to be a better store of value than gold, the main one.

«Bitcoin has an opportunity to actually replace gold as the dominant store of value. […] [and] even if it becomes a strong second it can go a long way.»

Also, Kerner is convinced the Bitcoin price will go up in 2019.

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