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Dec. 28, 2018
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United States District Court of Florida has rejected Craig "Satoshi Nakamoto" Wright’s request to dismiss a $4 billion lawsuit against him, according to the official document, which was revealed December 27.

Initially, in February, Ira Kleiman, the brother of computer forensic computer investigator and author Dave Kleiman, accused Craig Wright of misappropriating 1.1 million bitcoins (BTC). After the death of Dave Kleiman in 2013, Wright volunteered to help the relatives of his former business partner to dispose of the remaining bitcoins.

According to the lawsuit, Wright fulfilled the terms of the agreement but didn’t return the crypto.

The lawsuit states Wright has already converted about 300,000 BTC and transferred them to the management of several international trusts without the consent of Kleiman’s relatives.

Craig Wright has time until January 10, 2019, to respond to the counts.

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