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Dec. 20, 2018
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In a recent AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, the head of Ripple (XRP), Brad Garlinghouse has said XRP "is not a security."

Ripple CEO also believes XRP will still exist even if the company shut down.

“I think it’s very clear XRP is not a security… I think is if Ripple the company shut down, XRP trades on a hundred other exchanges around the world and XRP would continue to trade. Yeah, Ripple is one important participant in the XRP ecosystem but there are a whole bunch of participants,” Garlinghouse said.

Garlinghouse also predicts that by the end of 2019, large banks will be "holding digital assets." Brad convinced the year of 2019 would be the year of an increase in transparency in more crypto-related startups.

Earlier, Ripple announced a partnership with UAE Exchange company Finablr. It’s expected the blockchain service will go live by Q1, 2019 with one or two Asian banks.

The head of Finablr, Promoth Manghat, claims blockchain holds "tremendous promise for the industry but there is progress to be made before we [industry] see it go fully mainstream."

As a part of the partnership, Finablr will use Ripple’s technology — RippleNet.

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