France Won't Loosen Crypto Taxation
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Dec. 19, 2018
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The National Assembly of France has rejected all the proposed initiatives to ease up the taxation of crypto, states.

The amendments proposed to divide taxes between the income from cryptocurrency activity, which is carried out on a permanent basis and amateur. In addition, the initiative to equate cryptocurrency to securities, thereby impose it with a corresponding taxes was rejected as well.

Previously, members of the French parliament put forward an initiative to invest 500 million euros in the development of the country's blockchain ecosystem.

Сo-rapporteur of the report for the recommendation, Jean-Michel Mis, was claiming "2018 was the zero year for the popularization of the blockchain in France."

Moreover, France allowed issuing crypto in the country if their founders agree to regulation by the authorities. The government declared that if coin issuers agree to regulation, they would be considered more reliable investors, which would help to gain confidence in the currency.

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