Coinbase Will Pay its Users To Learn About Crypto
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Dec. 20, 2018
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Coinbase, the largest crypto-exchange in the United States, will pay its users to learn about cryptocurrencies.

The exchange announced yesterday the launching of Coinbase Earn — a platform through which Coinbase users can earn 0x tokens by completing different educational tasks, namely watching videos and solving quizzes.

Access to the new service is, for now, only available by invitation. However, any user can sign up to the waiting list — and according to Coinbase representatives, all users will be able to take educational courses for free.

The company launched Earn after finding that “one of the biggest barriers for people to explore a new digital asset is the lack of knowledge about that asset”. So, its main goal is the dissemination of expertise around this ecosystem.

In fact:

Lack of Educational Resources Hampers Crypto Investments

For now, the Coinbase Earn service only allows users to earn 0x tokens. However, the company plans to add support for other cryptocurrencies in the future.

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