Lack of Educational Resources Hampers Crypto Investments
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Dec. 19, 2018
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What’s preventing online investors from buying cryptocurrencies? A serious lack of good educational resources, according to a study carried out by the investment platform eToro.

eToro surveyed 1,000 individuals currently investing online in conventional products (like stocks) and shared that more than 400 mentioned the absence of good educational resources as the main reason holding them back from investing in crypto assets.

The platform also concluded that over 60 percent of both men and women showed interest in crypto investments. However, men said the price volatility was keeping them away and women cited the difficulty in finding resources and information to invest comfortably.

But conclusions don’t end here. eToro also found that merely less than 20 percent of any age group shared the intention to use a traditional asset manager for support in entering the market and for the acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

“Online investors are still keeping their eye on cryptocurrencies, but this survey revealed that there is a serious lack of educational resources available to those who would like to invest in or learn more about crypto.” — said eToro’s managing director Guy Hirsch.

And concluded:

“As we move toward a future where assets will become increasingly tokenized, it’s important to give investors access to the resources they need to invest in the assets they want and truly consider cryptoassets as part of their long-term investment plan.”

Besides the lack of good educational resources all the surveyed groups also reported the cryptocurrencies price volatility and the fear of scams as top concerns hampering them from investing in this ecosystem.

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