BCH Co-Founder: Bitcoin Will Worth Zero in 2019
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Dec. 17, 2018

Prominent bitcoin cash SV (BSV) supporter and previous owner of the crypto-related website CoinGeek, Calvin Ayre, convinced that bitcoin will be worthless in 2019, Express states.

“I’m afraid I am predicting it to go to zero value as it has no utility, it does not do anything and they intentionally are anti-scaling,” Ayre said.

“Bitcoin, the technology and economic model, are alive and well with Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) and is going to have an amazing year,” he added.

Calvin Ayre is one of the most prominent BSV supporters and former owner of bitcoin cash mining pool. He states that the two blockchains formed as a result of BCH hard fork had completely different goals, and that there was nothing that could unite them in the future that is why he choose BSV.

Earlier, in December, during the whole crypto market fall, Ayre sold both of his companies to Canadian mining company Squire Mining for $45 million.

Previously, Bitcoin Cash has split into two independent blockchain networks — BSV and bitcoin cash ABC (BCHABC).

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