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Dec. 17, 2018
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President Donald Trump has announced Friday that Mick Mulvaney was chosen as acting White House Chief of Staff from the beginning of 2019 on. Mulvaney, a well-known Bitcoin and Blockchain advocate, moves up in the Trump Administration with this appointment — he has been acting as Director of the Office of Management and Budget since February.

The new White House Chief of Staff positive interest in Bitcoin was made public in the past — namely through the sought of bitcoin donations for his campaigns or in virtue of his involvement in the Blockchain Caucus, a task-force created for policy-making related with the blockchain technology and the growing impact of virtual currencies.

“I know it isn’t a mainstream issue yet, and may not become one, but it is extraordinarily interesting and something that could eventually influence the dollar and our monetary policy.” — Mulvaney said at a Small Business Committee hearing on Bitcoin.

Why it is important

  • Mick Mulvaney’s nomination for the White House may derive in positive outcomes for the crypto ecosystem. An influential high profile official is undoubtedly a plus for the long-term growth and adoption of the new class and technology.

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