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Dec. 14, 2018
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A research carried out by Longhash concluded that startups conducting Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are consistently male-dominated: over 85 percent of the team members are men. The inquiry involved 100 ICO projects listed as “upcoming” in ICO Rating — and took into consideration information published on the project’s official websites.

Longhash, a platform dedicated to accelerate the development and understanding of blockchain technology, collected data regarding the overall gender balance of each team — including the number of female executives and the share of women between advisors. As reported, only 14,5 percent of the team members correspond to women.

And in leadership roles the numbers get worse. Just 7 percent of the executives, and 8 percent of the advisors, are women. Also: 78 of the 100 startups do not have a single female executive, 75 of them do not have a single female advisor and 37 do not have a single female employee on the team at any level. The numbers are quite clear.

However, this is not just a crypto industry reality.

The report notes that the tech industry as a whole is in general largely dominated by men. Nonetheless, it remembered Silicon Valley’s big tech companies have a workforce of at least 25 percent women — and other research suggests women represent 29 percent of employees in small tech startups, twice as many as in blockchain startups.

“The gender gap in tech is bad, but in blockchain tech it appears to be markedly worse.” — The report notes.

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