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Dec. 14, 2018
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Security-focused blockchain-based startup Civic (CVC) has hired Phillip Shoemaker from Apple, according to Business Wire.

Shoemaker will be leading Civic-backed ecosystem as Executive Director.

Civic Co-founder and CTO, Jonathan Smith, says Phillip’s knowledge of blockchain and expertise building internal infrastructure “will guide through a key time of deployment and growth.”

At Apple, Shoemaker was responsible for managing the Apple App Store Review team.

“Identity is the biggest unsolved problem of our society, and blockchain technology has the potential to completely revolutionize how we prove and verify identity. Enabling a trusted, open-source identity ecosystem, where anyone can contribute or participate, is a key part of making digital identity accessible and functional in our modern world,” said Phillip Shoemaker.

Earlier, the CEO of Civic (CVC), Vinny Lingham, expressed his doubts concerning the possibility of bitcoin (BTC) to rise significantly, at least for the next six months.

Lingham suggests that bitcoin trading will be fixed between $3,000 and $5,000 for the next 3-6 months. However, Civic CEO also doubts that BTC will break the current level of the support at $3K.

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