Bitcoin Scammers Attack Canada, U.S.
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On December 13, the United States and Canada have faced with a group of anonymous bomb threats, according to Global News.

The police are investigating a number of cases related to today's threats of bombings in various places around the city, after which people were evacuated.

King Station in Toronto was cleared immediately after 3:30 p.m. Police are investigating where the threat of an explosion came from.

Later, the police reported that there were more than 10 threatening calls, and one of them reported about a bomb in a large hospital in Toronto.

Then it turned out that in several U.S. cities, as well as in Winnipeg, Calgary, Ottawa, and Vancouver, the police also received reports of bombs today.

Among the victims of the attacks were also Call of Duty developers — Infinity Ward.

Police stations in New York and Oklahoma also reported on their tweets that several businessmen received emails with threats of a bomb explosion and demands to pay with bitcoin. In exchange for payment, according to the extortionists, finding the bomb would be revealed.

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