Weiss Ratings: It's Time to Buy Bitcoin
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Dec. 13, 2018
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Analysts from the independent rating agency Weiss Ratings believe now is the perfect time to buy Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency price has dropped significantly from its all-time high nearly $20,000 almost a year ago. Today it is worth around $3,400.

Weiss Ratings covers the mainstream financial markets and more recently the crypto market as well.

As shared two days ago in its official Twitter account, Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is approaching the “best buying opportunity” and is the least speculative investment that can be carried out in the cryptocurrency market these days:

It the meanwhile it was reported yesterday that the global trading volume of Bitcoin in the peer-to-peer platform LocalBitcoins increased substantially, reaching the values registered in the end of 2017 — when the crypto market experienced a bull run.

In particular, the most active traders were residents from Russia, Venezuela and Argentina — countries that tend to endorse the adoption of cryptocurrencies and usually invest when their prices fall (believing in their future growth).

Why it is important

  • Weiss Ratings is a well-known research firm, with 46 years of experience rating a variety of financial assets and providing data and insights to investors and traders around the world. Its words will resound among circles of the crypto community.

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