Amoveo is Officially Listed on Graviex
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On December 11, a blockchain project Amoveo has announced its digital asset VEO was officially listed on the third cryptocurrency exchange (#154 according to CoinMarketCap).

Amoveo is a highly scalable proof-of-work blockchain driven by its community and aimed for prediction markets, investment and insurance contracts, and various derivatives, such as stable coins.

At press time, VEO is available on in pair with bitcoin (BTC) and is trading at $140.80.

Another token? But what for?

Actually, VEO isn’t just another token with unknown purpose. It’s the internal asset of Amoveo's platform, which is used for making bets and distributing awards. Moreover, VEO can be of interest to miners and investors as a promising coin within its own niche.

I see. But why do I need to use Amoveo if there's Gnosis and Bitcoin Hive?

The first and the main difference is that Amoveo is the mixture of lessons learned from other coins such as Augur (REP). Zack Hess, the founder of Amoveo, says the project doesn’t use sub-currencies, exclusively relying on VEO.

In addition, Amoveo has its own Lightning, which makes for virtually instant transactions and low commissions.

And finally, Hess’ product uses combined markets with two oracles instead of one. Hence, Amoveo is one of the fewest convenient smart contracts among the existing blockchains.

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