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Dec. 10, 2018
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Cointext's Bitcoin Cash wallet continues its rapid worldwide expansion.

The service announced that its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet — which works on any mobile phone — is now available in 35 countries around the world. Its latest additions: Ukraine and Italy.

Cointext is a cryptocurrency wallet that allows the sending of Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin.Cash) through text messages to other mobile phones or BCH addresses. Users just need a mobile phone with the ability to send SMS — a basic feature phone, not even a smartphone, since there is no need for internet connection, accounts or apps.

“Cointext allows anyone with a cellular signal to access cryptocurrency. This includes all brands of smartphones and about two billion people with basic feature phones,” — Vin Armani, Cointext founder and CTO.

Also, Cointext might be exploring the addition of other altcoins to its service.

Concepts like this, with almost no barriers to entry, may provide the billions of unbanked around the world with access to the crypto market.

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