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Dec. 7, 2018
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Co-founder & CEO of Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, definitely convinced that crypto will find its destination in virtual reality (VR). Armstrong recently wrote in his blog that digital currencies will create an incentive for people to spend more time in virtual worlds.

As an example of that future, Coinbase CEO cited Second Life. Though it’s quite difficult to classify the genre of Second Life, some believe it’s a mixture between a virtual world and a computer game.

Armstrong wrote the Second Life economy still is about $800 million equivalent annually. Moreover, people all around the world are actively playing in Second Life and buy all sorts of things like real estate, vehicles, special abilities and etc.

In addition, Armstrong highlighted virtual worlds could be a perfect place for a centralized digital currency.

How would these worlds look like in the near future? Armstrong cited as an example Steven Spielberg’s recent film Ready Player One.

“Ready Player One had a great visual of coins being collected in the game, and spilling out of characters when they were killed,” Armstrong wrote.

In fact, not only crypto is going to conquer VR. Previously, Los Angeles-based cloud graphic technology company OTOY implemented blockchain technology to their new rendering platform RNDR. Despite the current market fall, crypto & blockchain are just getting started with its expansion.

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