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Dec. 8, 2018
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The head of crypto exchange BTCC, Bobby Lee, has written in his recent tweet that if “history repeats perfectly,” bitcoin (BTC) has all chances to peak out at $333,333 in December 2021.

BTCC is a Hong-Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange which was founded in 2011 by Bobby Lee. In October 2014, BTCC was the world’s second largest crypto exchange by its volume.

Despite Lee’s forecast, it’s worth noting BTCC recently closed its mining pool business called BTCC Pool Limited due to business adjustments.

What’s more important, previously Bobby Lee urged his friends and followers to invest in bitcoin as if he was expecting the current bearish market.

Lee isn’t the only one who believes that bitcoin can reach a new all-time high in the near future. For instance, John McAfee and Jim Cramer predicted bitcoin has all chances to hit $1 million, meanwhile Tim Draper, Jameson Lopp, and Trace Mayer believe BTC may hit $250,000 by 2020.

How things will go? We’ll see soon enough.

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