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On December 3, a transaction in the amount of 66,233 BTC was performed in the Bitcoin network. The next day, two more addresses moved 66,452 BTC and 66,378 BTC. One of the first movements was noticed by CryptoPotato reviewers.

Note that the recipient addresses divided the amounts into portions of 660.33 BTC, 662.52 BTC and 661.78 BTC, respectively. All of these split transactions were transferred to bech32 format addresses.

However, each of the recipient addresses also committed a transaction in the amount of 200 BTC to three different addresses. At the moment, each of them collected 8000 BTC.

1FUBESNxB2JkyXPc4o9wwoGt158DC9A8dj; 1Jc7vYQHCnmdyhbpcv5o3pYtUbH6Sk139z; 1Gjkd1hwrJxM9h5Sj1W5bfEN6km1qkVCg4.

A new Blockchain browser from Blockstream has also allowed tracking transactions at bech32 addresses.

Each portion of 660 BTC, 662 BTC and 661 BTC was divided into an equal number of transactions of 10 BTC or 100 BTC + 60 BTC, 62 BTC or 61 BTC. As a result, the fragmented sums were again united at single addresses:

1DTmjcZo3MMH9MscHizTLjrUxnvwvSLdf7; 1Djs2VyBVr6MYNcGVaHAr8B3N1mViS5yoo; 13nwifHUz5ZfHuQhk5ETJ4BhmqbuQdvTFp; 1MYv4C4hZ7hC5sbHrPkzvmNoozQgnHKeAU.

Each of the above accounts now contains 8,000 BTC.

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