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Sberbank, BC Region and NSD concluded the world's first trilateral repo deal on the Blockchain, using smart contract technology.

The transaction was conducted on a fully automated Collateral Management System (LMS). The National Settlement Depository was the settlement agent, Sberbank the seller, and Region Company the buyer. The press release also notes that the OTC REPO transaction conducted on the Blockchain is fully regulated by Russian law.

In early December, Sberbank entered into the first electronic repo agreement on the Blockchain platform “Hyperledger Fabric”, stating that it will become part of the overall decentralized infrastructure of the financial market.

Sberbank's Blockchain laboratory was opened earlier this year after the bank joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance consortium.

Earlier, it was also announced that one of the Sberbank divisions, Sberbank CIB and the National Settlement Depository (NSD), are planning to hold an ICO Level One educational lecture hall. Last month, after the first successful test transaction for the sale of tokens in the sandbox of the Central Bank of Russia, Sberbank and NSD announced the start of developing a roadmap of the legal conditions for an ICO in the country.

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