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Indian native major tech firm and blockchain development company Tech Mahindra’s Eleven01 entered a partnership with Indian company APIS to promote blockchain using the variety of methods from holding events to organize educational and mentorship programs, according to the report of the company.

Thus, in association with Eleven01, the organization will explore the prospects of the blockchain technology through events, activities and mentorship programs to nurture talent and develop a community. The alliance will focus on fostering the creation of the finest blockchain development ecosystem in Andhra Pradesh.

It was also stated that the partnership is getting support from some of the region’s highest ministers, including J A Chowdary, IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh even despite overall Indian attitude to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

As we reported earlier, after several months of uncertainty, Indian authorities have moved on to discussing the possibility of banning the use of private cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

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