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Dec. 5, 2018

Blockchain-focused company Bitfury has partnered with a crypto-related payment startup Paytomat in order to integrate Lightning Network (LN) payments to Paytomat’s digital wallet and merchant app.

Paytomat is a blockchain-based platform for merchant/consumers, where anyone can use crypto as a payment method in a real-time transactions.

According to the official announcement, the collaboration between Bitfury and Paytomat will enable users and merchants on the Paytomat system to send & receive bitcoin (BTC) payments over the Lightning Network as fast as it possible.

The Head of LightningPeach Pavel Prikhodko said that the launch of LN “allows consumers around the world to use cryptocurrencies to make everyday purchases.”

It worth noting that previously, Lightning Network succeed to surpass the capacity mark of $1 million in bitcoins (BTC).

Lightning Network is a payment protocol that helps to scale the bitcoin’s network. The Lightning's tech is also may be used as a way to conduct operations between different blockchains.

Earlier, the full-service blockchain tech company Bitfury acquired the institutional crypto-related company Final Frontier.

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