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A peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and software project Vertcoin that was created in order to solve bitcoin issues by discouraging miners from forming pools was attacked by an unknown group of hackers, according to the report of a security expert and Coinbase engineer Mark Nesbitt.

Thus, as was stated by Mark, peer-to-peer PoW cryptocurrency was under a 51% attack. It is considered that cybercriminals rented a large amount of ASIC hash rate to attack the four-year-old cryptocurrency network.

After getting more than 50% of the mining hash rate hackers became able to own and govern the Vertcoin public chain literally and to steal funds and bring damage to the whole cryptocurrency network.

As it was reported earlier, according to the data and report of trusted cybersecurity firm Group-IB, the number of accidents with 51 percent attacks on cryptocurrency projects grows exponentially in 2018.

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