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Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, has publicly compared digital currencies to illegal and fraudulent Ponzi schemes, according to the report of Israeli media agency Arutz Sheva.

Thus, during an event hosted by Israeli financial outlet Globes in Tel-Aviv, former Prime Minister and current chairman of medical marijuana producer InterCure, Barak, claimed that he would never invest in cryptocurrency as bitcoin and other digital assets are Ponzi scheme.

It was also stated that Barak compared investment in cryptocurrency with investment in marijuana market followed recent marijuana babble. At the same time, former prime minister underlined that blockchain technology and smart contracts are important and useful technological and mathematical concepts.

Nevertheless, it looks like the attitude to cryptocurrency field in the world capital of startups and IT companies is changing. Thus, for example, famous Israel businessman Moshe Hogega was recently accused of embezzling funds from the ICO.

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