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Roger Ver, chief executive officer of, discussed the security of cryptocurrency, its prospects for technology, bitcoin cash, and also explained why cryptocurrency will be used everywhere in just a few years, in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

According to Ver, the future of the cryptocurrency market is “brighter than ever”. He is also optimistic about bitcoin cash and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Ver explained:

“The overall trend is definitely up. If you have two forms of money, one that’s incredibly useful and fast and easy to send and receive and you don’t have to beg for permission to be able to use and you have traditional legacy forms of money where you have to ask politicians for permission to use and your accounts can be frozen, it’s clear which one people are going to start to use."

Despite the fact that a new coin appeared on the market after bitcoin cash hardfork, Ver said that he was a fan of bitcoin cash, which, in his opinion, is much more in line with the original vision of decentralized electronic cash with more efficient transactional capabilities.

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