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This morning, the moderator of the r/Bitcoin subreddit BashCo confirmed the information that the number of participants in his forum exceeded 1 million and presented the millionth subscriber under the nickname u/CryptoBull007 with an award.

Obviously, r/Bitcoin is not the only forum on Reddit dedicated to cryptocurrency. However, if r/Bitcoin participants mainly discuss the original bitcoin (Bitcoin), then r/BTC is dedicated to its bitcoin cash fork. This summer, a supporter of the second cryptocurrency, Roger Ver, offered $250,000 for the moderators of r/Bitcoin to stop censoring certain content.

The number of participants r/Bitcoin, meanwhile, has grown rapidly. In November last year, they numbered only 400,000. It was also recently noticed that the number of search queries on Google related to bitcoin began to grow along with a surge in volatility in its market.

Over the weekend, bitcoin returned to around $4,000. Now the bitcoin rate continues to decline, the coin is trading at a price of $3,891.45. The daily change was -6.21%.

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