Vitalik Buterin Becomes Honorary Doctorate of University of Basel
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The faculty of business and economics at the University of Basel awarded the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin the title of an honorary doctorate of science.

According to the university, the oldest in Switzerland founded in 1460, an honorary degree is awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of the development of cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

The university also notes Buterin’s significant personal contribution to advancing the ideas of decentralization and the digital revolution. He has also been named an outstanding thinker and a visionary who has made a significant contribution to the cause of digital revolution.

Note that the degree of an honorary doctorate is awarded without defending a thesis on the basis of achievements in a certain field.

Earlier, Buterin said that blockchain is the most viable for international payments and as a basis for cryptocurrencies, while other areas of use are questionable. In general, he is more inclined to explain corporate blockchain fashion with the influence of HYIP and personal preferences of top corporate managers.

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