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Swedish data centers may become very attractive for Norwegian crypto miners due to the current changes on the electricity tax field. According to the local media E24, Swedish business may be the best option for Norwegian cryptocurrency miners, who are now facing the rising of the electricity tax from $0,0056 per kilowattimme, up to $0,019, meanwhile in Sweden the price is $0,0055 per kilowattimme.

We recall that, earlier, Norway in its state budget for the next year has cancelled preferential conditions for the crypto mining industry. Thus, from January 2019, crypto miners will have to pay at standard rates.

Erik Svensson, the director of Boden Business Agency, claims that many crypto mining companies in Norway will have to either announce closure or they’ll face a various of challenges. E24 gives the example when the company Troll Housing, which was planning to set up a new crypto data center in Fræna, Møre og Romsdal county, Norway, and has spent almost two years securing a billion contract with a major foreign operator in blockchain technology, buried its plans after the government has changed the electricity tax.

Bitmain exec in Norway, Julie Hvideberg, said that Bitmain had already talked with their Norwegian partners who were recovering from Bitmain, saying that it had to stop the collaboration.

However, it seems that Bitmain has other things on its mind, due to miner Gor Gevorkyan who filed a lawsuit against Bitmain in the North Carolina court. He accused the company of using the capacity of users to mine cryptocurrency in their favor.

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