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Nov. 26, 2018

Unknown hacker has compromised a JavaScript platform, which was integrated in millions of cryptocurrency wallets, including BitPay’s — Copay, according to the discussion on GitHub’s thread.

Node.js is a JavaScript cross-platform, which is built on Chrome’s JS runtime for simplify building and scalable network apps.

As it states, an unknown user, called right9ctrl, has requested administrative rights to the event-stream library from its previous maintainer, Dominic Tarr. According to the thread, hacker has injected malware into Node.js, having received an access to leak private keys from apps that were built on both the event-stream and copay-dash code modules.

One of the GitHub’s users, Ayrton Sparling, said that right9ctrl had added flatmap-stream which was entirely an injection targeting ps-tree.

At press time, it says that the developer of Node.js updated the JS module, though some users still face malware issues.

Previously, the website of one of the most popular children’s foundations in the world, Make-A-Wish was infected by unknown hackers with crypto mining malware.

Earlier, Call of Duty players from Dolton and from Bloomington committed together a crime, having stolen more than $3 million in cryptocurrency.

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