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The hashrate war between bitcoin ABC and bitcoin SV may be nearing completion after the latter's team announced it had abandoned claims to the original bitcoin cash chain and intended to focus on creating its own applications. This news also had a positive effect on the price of bitcoin SV, which over the past day has risen in price by more than 70%, exceeding at some point the mark of $120.

Coingeek owner Calvin Ayre was the first to offer his own vision of Bitcoin SV’s own path last Friday.

In his message, he says that the two Blockchains, formed as a result of hardfork bitcoin cash on November 15, have completely different goals and that there is nothing that could unite them in the future. In this regard, Calvin Ayre said, Bitcoin SV no longer claims the name bitcoin cash (BCH), and that bitcoin SV is now the original bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. He also confirmed that Craig Wright’s company’s going to leave bitcoin ABC if reuse protection is integrated.

On Sunday, an entry appeared in the blog of Craig Wright himself, in which he presented the bitcoin SV roadmap and his vision of the project. The described scenario sounds very ambitious. So, if at the moment the block size in BSV is 64 MB, in six months it will be increased to 512 MB, and in a year to 2 GB. In six months, the miner’s reward will be about $8,000 per block found. For this, he said, it is necessary that bitcoin SV cost about $640 on exchanges.

After another 2-3 years, says Wright, bitcoin SV is scaled to 1 TB through the Teranode project and can grow further, processing 6.5 million transactions per second. If you combine the bandwidths of Visa, MasterCard, SWIFT, and all global currencies, and not just cryptocurrencies, together they will gain only 15% of the future size of the bitcoin SV block, he says. Moreover, at this stage, the miners will earn $600,000 per block.

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