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Dragonchain has won an American interchain patent for a technology that visualizes the full power of combined blockchain networks, according to the official blog announcement.

Dragonchain is a U.S.-based blockchain tech, which develops enterprise services, entertainment, education and project incubation solutions. It was initially developed by Disney in 2014.

Interchain is a tool by which different blockchains are able to communicate between each other. It’s said interchain allows “users to benefit from the features of specialized blockchains, built exclusively to respond to issues such as supply chain and quantum computing.”

The CEO and Founder of Dragonchain, Joe Roets says Interchain patent is an indicator of the Dragonchain’s efforts in blockchain innovation and the evolution of solutions provided to the tech space.

It should be pointed out, that Dragonchain is not the only one project by its idea with interchain implementation.

For example other blockchain project — ICON (ICX) also focuses on interchain communication between different subnetworks all around the mainnet.

Earlier, according to a new report by European venture company Outlier Ventures, investments in the blockchain industry increased significantly in 2018 amid the disappearance of retail speculation.

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