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Nov. 23, 2018
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One of the largest and oldest Australia’s cryptocurrency exchanges Bit Trade has officially announced the start of its own public crowdfunding campaign.

Bit Trade claims it’s in full growth mode, though some questions are still present. One of them, is the reason, why the exchange decided to begin campaign right now, in the heart of a raging crypto hurricane, when all cryptocurrencies have lost approximately up to 90% of their prices.

The exchange states “a new wave of adoption is on the horizon” and it has the team and tools to facilitate the upcoming growth.

It’s said the campaign has no similarities with investing in bitcoin or any other asset.

As market falls lover, Bit Trade predicts that bitcoin (BTC) will move lower. That's why the exchange believes the investing into itself as into the industry is more effective in the long-term perspective.

However, not all in the crypto market are skeptical about the future of the industry. Previously, the Founder and CEO of the largest crypto exchange in the world Binance, Changpeng Zhao, said that the crypto bull run will certainly happen, though he doesn’t know which one of the catalyst's will be the trigger for it.

Earlier, the user of Twitter with a nickname “cnLedger”, tweeted a video where miners dismantle a mining farm. The tweet was accompanied by photos of Chinese miners who stop participating in F2Pool, one of the largest and oldest bitcoin pools in China.

Later it turned out, that the video had nothing to do with the current situation on the market. It was captured last year, when one of the Chinese mining companies suffered from the massive flooding.

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