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In the state budget of Norway for the next year, there are no special preferential conditions for the mining industry. So, from January 2019, the miners will be forced to pay at standard rates, reports Forbes, citing local sources.

Norwegian parliamentary representative Lars Haltbrekken said:

"Norway can not continue to provide huge tax incentives for the most dirty form of cryptographic output as bitcoin. It requires a lot of energy and generates large greenhouse gas emissions globally."

If now the price of a kilowatt for miners is about $0.05, then in January it will increase to $1.94. According to the data of the mining company Northern Bitcoin, the cost of mining one bitcoin in Norway is about $7,700. In China, for example, this figure is significantly lower – $3,100.

Earlier, mining enterprises in the Chinese provinces of Xinjiang and Guizhou suspended their work at the time of the tax audit, and the network hashrate fell by almost 20%.

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