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Nov. 20, 2018

Cryptocurrency market continues to fall even deeper with almost all top cryptocurrencies and tokens updating their one year low records. Thus, for that moment bitcoin is down by almost 16%, bitcoin cash by 39%, ethereum by 13%, according to the data from coinmarketcap.

Thus, bitcoin cash has recently lost its position as the world's fourth-largest cryptocurrency following the overall market fall and the continuing hash war between forks, the bitcoin ABC and bitcoin SV. This allowed stellar lumens (XLM) to make its break into the top 4 list.

Another top cryptocurrency ripple which was looking strong amid falling market with less than 1% loss, broke down and joined the rest of the coins by falling to 0,45 (-7%).

In general, the market remains highly unstable. The currency market capitalization equals 147 billion while bitcoin dominance is slowly growing to 54%. The situation however may chnage at any secon in either directon.

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