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One of the largest and most influential companies in the personal computer industry, Microsoft, has received the top spot in ABI Research’s Blockchain-as-a-Service Competitive Assessment, the official announcement states.

ABI Research is an American analytical agency that was founded in 1990. It provides strategic guidance for visionaries needing market foresight on the most compelling transformative techs, which reshape workforces, identify drops in a market, create new business concepts and drive new revenue streams.

According to the announcement, the competitive assessment ranked eleven vendors which are currently developing products in the Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) industry.

They are: Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Cisco, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Tencen.

Microsoft Wins in Rating of Blockchain-as-a-Service Providers

Microsoft has been participating in the blockchain space since 2015 and already represent itself as one of the major players to be reckoned with. For example, previously Microsoft with its blockchain-based product Mi­crosoft Blockchain Azure concluded a partnership with a global electronic marketplace for buying and selling securities, Nasdaq, in order to de­liver highly se­cure in­ter­op­er­a­tion be­tween the Nas­daq Fi­nan­cial Frame­work core in­fra­struc­ture.

Microsoft Azure Blockchain is a BaaS prod­uct, which al­lows com­pa­nies to use a flex­i­ble ver­sion of Ethereum, mod­i­fied specif­i­cally for their busi­ness needs.

Earlier, despite the fact that Microsoft loves Blockchain, the founder of the corporation, Bill Gates, called bitcoin (BTC) and ICOs “cra­zier, spec­u­la­tive things.”

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