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During the 2018 Autodesk’s annual customer conference in Las Vegas, President and CEO of the company, Andrew Anagnost, said, that the company examines to use blockchain, but it has “no a point of view” at the moment, Financial Review reports.

Autodesk is the largest software producer in the world that focuses on developing software for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, etc.

Autodesk Examines Blockchain Closely
Andrew Anagnost/Share.autodesk

Commenting the implementation of blockchain, Anagnost said:

“This [corruption] happens all the time and it makes it very difficult to track who is responsible for what, so one of the big technological problems we're going to have to solve is making sure it is not optional to provide traceability and accountability.”

Earlier, several banks, fuel, and energy traders have announced that they would launch the Vakt blockchain plat­form, de­vel­oped by major oil and gas com­pa­nies BP, Shell, and Equinor, by the end of November. The new tool will help the com­pa­nies to trans­fer the con­clu­sion of trans­ac­tions re­lated to en­ergy re­sources to the dis­trib­uted ledger tech­nol­ogy.

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