"Majority of Businesses Using BCH to Refer to Bitcoin ABC"
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The bitcoin cash hard fork story has seemingly come to a close with the ABC protocol carrying on existing under the name of its predecessor (BCH), and the SV protocol branching off into a new coin (BSV).

The announcement made on coin.dance reads:

“Coin Dance is now able to declare that both active chains will continue to be permanently split into the foreseeable future. The majority of businesses in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are now using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to refer to the chain maintained by miners operating in consensus with the latest implementations from Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitprim, Bitcoin XT, bcash, and bchd. A number of exchanges have added support for the Bitcoin SV chain under the Bitcoin SV (BSV / BCHSV) name but general app support is currently very limited. Expect to see announcements made from each of the major companies in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem that clarify which chain(s) they will support going forward.”

"Majority of Businesses Using BCH to Refer to Bitcoin ABC"

Thus it appears that all the community must wait for the decision of the crypto exchanges, which most likely will mirror the statement made by coin.dance. This is the case with Bittrex, which has already announced the support of BCH, and that the BSV balances are “in accounts.”

OKEx has already announced that trading will resume on November 19, however, they aren’t ready to ascribe the BCH name to either of the forks yet, trading them under the notations BCHABS & BCHSV.

Overall it seems like the bitcoin cash extravaganza is drawing to a close, and unless something out of the ordinary will happen it looks like BCHABC is the new bitcoin cash and the ‘Satoshi Vision’ protocol is starting a new life under a new name.

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