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Nov. 16, 2018
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Chinese software and Blockchain company Xunlei presented its report for Q3.

The company's revenue increased in 2018 after the introduction of Blockchain services and amounted to $45.3 million in Q3, which is 1.1% more than last year. Xunlei reports that $19.8 million of this amount brought cloud and Internet value-added services sectors.

Lei Chen, CEO of the Xunlei group, said:

“We believe that blockchain is a technology that can change our lives, and we will strive to make it available in different areas in a simpler and more cost-effective way.”

The company referred to its Blockchain platform ThunderShain, which was launched this year, and lists recent partnerships associated with the Blockchain, including an agreement with China's largest media group, People’s Daily.

Known for P2P software and BitTorrent client, Xunlei switched to developing Blockchain services in October 2017.

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