Bitcoin ABC Suffers from Spam Invasion
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Nov. 15, 2018
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Soon after the BCH hardfork happened, the blockchain blocks of the bitcoin ABC networks have begun to fill in with thousands of small transactions.

Previously, bitcoin cash’s blockchain split into two independence chains — bitcoin ABC (main Bit­coin Cash fork) and bit­coin SV (Satoshi's Vi­sion).

According to the user’s video from YouTube who captured the attack, the ABC network was having some kind of a small spam attack with dozens or even thousands of small BCH transactions.

It should also be noted that earlier the main supporter of bitcoin SV has suffered from DDoS attack.

Earlier, on November 15th, the very first block in the bit­coin ABC blockchain had been mined by Bit­ pool. The last com­mon block was mined by SVPool block under #556,766, the one which ac­ti­vated the pro­to­col up­date.

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