Maecenas Partners with McAfee to Tokenize Picasso
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Blockchain-based firm Maecenas has partnered with John McAfee & cryptocurrency exchange Ethershift, in order to digitalize and tokenize works of a Spanish painter — Pablo Ruiz Picasso, the official blog announcement says.

Maecenas is a blockchain art gallery emarket that is focused on democratizing access to fine art.

The announcement states:

“We are tokenizing a masterpiece, and making the painting perpetually inaccessible. Any eventual release date of the physical painting can only be decided via a voting process by token holders, after the minimum amount of time has passed well into the future.”

It’s also said that the digitalized artwork will be represented as a single ERC721 token. The auction will happen around the year-end Holiday.

The codename of the upcoming event is “Project Phoenix”.

Earlier, Da­di­ani Fine Art and Mae­ce­nas Read changed their business vision in favour of blockchain. Both art galleries became the first in the U.K. to ac­cept seven dif­fer­ent cryp­tocur­ren­cies as pay­ment.

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