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The popular crypto exchange Bitfinex announced support for the hardfork Bitcoin Cash, scheduled for November 15. Hardfork will be held at approximately 4:40 pm UTC as a scheduled update in accordance with security protocol.

Bitfinex prepares its users and its trading platform for the hardfork. It’s a Hong Kong-based trading platform managed by iFinex Inc. Bifinex has announced support for hardfork Bitcoin Cash in its Twitter account:

The report says that the marketplace fully supports the BCH protocol update. Also, Bitfinex representatives note that it’s still difficult to say exactly which chain, Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV, will get a larger hashrate.

Thus, Bitfinex traditionally chooses neutrality and, most likely, will list and accrue to users the coins formed after the likely separation of the chain. The statement on this issue will be published on November 16.

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