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Nov. 9, 2018
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International firm that creates special chips, Bitmain, has filed a lawsuit against an unknown hacker (John Doe, according to a lawsuit), who infiltrated Bitmain’s Binance wallet in April and stole all funds from the exchange.

It’s said that in order to better hide his identity, Doe didn’t attempt to withdraw Bitmain’s funds to his own bitcoin (BTC) digital wallet.

Bitmain Files a Lawsuit Against a Mystery Hacker
Bitmain Lawsuit

The hacker used the crypto №1 (BTC) in order to boost the price of small-cap crypto MANA, token of virtual reality platform Decentraland.

Earlier, on April, due to the hack, Bitmain lost nearly 617 BTC (worth $5.5 million at the hack time) from its Binance wallet.

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