Captain Kirk Went on Crypto Bridge: William Shatner Conveys Greetings to Vitalik Buterin
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Shatner is a Canadian writer and actor. Success came to William after the role of James Tiberius Kirk, the captain of the “Enterprise" starship in the "Star Trek" TV series. Now Shatner is 87 but he still has a lot left to impress the public.

He recently became interested in cryptocurrencies and now argues with Twitter users about the merits of digital assets. Few people remember William Shatner. An actor is not striving to return to the bridge of “Enterprise” as his heir “Jean-Luc Picard” Patrick Stewart. However, the old actor has decided to remind about himself by posting several tweets on cryptocurrency topics. While scrolling Shatner’s Twitter page you would likely think that it belongs to some sort of a blockchain evangelist. Indeed, apart from crypto and the distributed ledger technology, the former captain of the Enterprise (and our hearts) practically discusses nothing. Recently, he started a debate about the ethereum platform with a user calling himself DCinvestor.

Soon after, Shatner has conveyed greetings To Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin didn’t answer, instead, Ethereum’s co-founder just retweeted one of the tweets from Shatner vs DCinvestor debate and started to follow the actor.

Captain Kirk Went on Crypto Bridge: William Shatner Conveys Greetings to Vitalik Buterin

Instead of Vitalik, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded, he welcomed the actor to the crypto sphere.

Shatner has entered into a dispute with Premine Apologist, who is a famous critic of Buterin, saying that Vitalik is not a scammer and anyone who thinks so should create their own service, and try to achieve at least similar results. Shatner’s tweets where he acts as a defender for ethereum and condemns ERC standards and the problems of reaching consensus was viewed by almost 3 million users.

What is going on in the crypto community? William Shatner has an answer to this, too.

Captain’s Log: Solar Powered Mining Detected

Earlier in June Shatner has attracted the attention of the community, expressing his feelings about a project developed by Solar Alliance company. It proposed establishing a 3MW solar array to power up tenants who would mine cryptocurrencies.

William Shatner; once he took us where no man has ever gone before, now he is going where whole industries will go at one point.

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