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The head of the biggest China’s online commerce Alibaba, Daniel Zhang, told in an interview CNBC that cloud computing will be the “main business” of Alibaba in the near future.

Zhang said:

“We strongly believe that every business in the future will be powered by cloud. We are very happy to build this cloud infrastructure in a new digital era and support all business. I think cloud will be ... the main business of Alibaba in the future.”

The senior Vice president at analyst company CCS Insight, Martin Garner, claims that Alibaba is investing “tremendous rate” to create its cloud monopoly in China in order to catch up with Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Earlier, Alibaba Cloud, a cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, expanded its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) offering the major global markets including South East Asia, the U.S., and Europe.

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