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Nov. 8, 2018
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One of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of hardware and software, IBM collaborates with Seagate, a company specializing in hard disk drives and storage solutions. As part of the partnership, companies use Blockchain technology to provide guarantees for the authenticity of hard drives.

IBM Electronics Industry Managing Director Bruce Anderson explained that Seagate has been a reliable supplier of hard drives for IBM for several years. As the next stage of this partnership, both companies will make it possible to track each hard drive from its inception to production.

“Blockchain technology can be extremely effective in confirming provenance and authenticity of assets. The ability to work with Seagate to combine Blockchain with advanced cryptographic product identification technology is what sets this work apart and signals Blockchain’s potential to reimagine the electronics product life cycle management processes. Counterfeit electronics components are a global issue that requires an ecosystem-wide effort to address.”

Seagate will register its products on the IBM Blockchain platform to avoid using fakes on data servers or otherwise distribute them to end users. The partnership will initially use hard drives designed for IBM servers.

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